Giveaway-Beautiful Beasties: Pet Photography Book

Last week I received Beautiful Beasties: A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography book to review and giveaway. I was very excited to receive this book and was far from disappointed. It combined two of my favorite things, photography and pets. I have always had pets, or as I call them my fur babies. For our family they are part of the family and spoiled just as much. Taking photos of animals can be tricky at times, wrong lighting, moving around, and the fact that sometimes they just don’t want to be photographed and would rather play.

I really enjoyed the illustrations and  instructions in this book. Lots of details and suggestions on getting the perfect photo. Which helped me finally after a year get the perfect photo of our newest family member, Morticia. The first kitty that our kids actually made up a song for. She is a calico with a nearly solid black face. The photos always turned out blurry and horrible.



After reading some tips

I have only had the book a week and feel a lot more confident about getting the perfect photo of our fur babies. It is a 335 page book with tons of links, resources, instructions and tips to help you capture those wonderful moments with your pet. The book even goes one more step in helping you with the basics if you want to take your pet photography hobby to a professional level.

This was a fun review and I am glad to be hosting this giveaway for 1 copy of the Beautiful Beasties: A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography.


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  1. Shannon Pickin says:

    My biggest challenges are getting the animals to sit still and the glare. Without flash it ends up too dark and with flash it tends to glare off the fur of the animals.

    • Thank you for replying. That is a problem, I have so many blurry photos of my animals. This book has tons of tips on how to correct those issues..

  2. I would love my dog to actually look at the camera every once in a while!


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