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This is a review and giveaway post. Please scroll down to learn more about you can enter to win an audio version of this eBook on CD and a $20.00 restaurant e-gift card, their choice of Apple Bee’s, Chilli’s, Long Horn, Red Lobster, Oliver Garden, Pappa John’s, or Pizza Hut.

The Book I have been selected to review and host this giveaway is Launch Out Into the Deep, by Author, Acacia Slaton Beumer. You can find Launch Out Into the Deep! on her site, Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.


The introduction of this book starts with “No one ever said life was easy.” The Author relates personal stories of the tragedies and triumphs in our lives from the perspective of how God is present with us during our trials.

With personal stories of healing, sharing poetry, and examples of how people have struggled with addiction, loss, and shame- along with Biblical Stories of God’s Love and Grace. Author Acacia Slaton Beumer’s book has won the Mom’s Choice Award, I am really enjoying this review.


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Author Acacia Slaton Beumer

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