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My name is Dawn, and I am a wife and mom of 4. I started my Genealogy journey years ago as a young girl sitting in the kitchen beside my Great Aunt Lovella, Grandma Ola and my mother, while they gathered, researched, and shared stories of our ancestors. My Aunt Lovella and Grandma passed away in 2009, and I became the Family Historian for my family. Preserving photos, and documents for the next generations. It was then that I realized I had missed a grand opportunity to learn personal stories that I could never get back again. Even though I had listened to stories of past generations; there was so much that I had missed. Their personal stories, such as how the love stories began, favorite dishes, where our family Cranberry recipe came from, why has it been such a guarded treasure.

Recently, I visited my Aunt  and got a chance to share some new stories, this time asking more personal ones.  What was Grandma’s Grandmother like? I read letters she had written to Grandma, and heard stories of how Grandma, even as a single mom of 3 would send them out with some change to buy a Birthday gift and  how Great Great Grandma Nancy always wore a corset, even as she got older.


I studied Paralegalism and Business Administration in College. While that is no longer my path, I am using the Research Skills I learned and applying them to become a Certified Genealogist. I am a volunteer for many Genealogy Organizations, such as FindAGrave.com, ICAPGen.org, and NamesInStone.com.  I use software programs My Memories and Daisy trail Software to preserve these wonderful treasures.



I started my blog DawnsDelightsArt.com to share with others how to research and preserve their family history, and photos.  I will also share how to preserve these memories through traditional scrapbooking, and digital scrapbooking. With the Digital Scrapbooking I will share at least one free digital scrapbook layout each week from My Memories.com. Another pastime hobby I learned from Grandma was saving money. She had grown up during the Depression and was a divorced single mom, who could squeeze a penny till it screamed for mercy.  I will share those techniques and new ones as I come across them.


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